Product FAQs

Sunbeam® Elite CR1003 Clock Radio

Will a device charge when connected via the USB port?

The courtesy USB 2.0 port on the Sunbeam® Elite CR1003 provides a 500mA current to charge a portable device such as a phone or digital camera. Review the device’s instruction book for detailed charging requirements.

Whose voice is used on the Voice Instruction and Confirmation features?

The voice used to guide the user through the alarm set, alarm sound and NAP set features of the Sunbeam® Elite CR1003 is a synthetic voice that translates written text to speech (TTS). The voice used was chosen because it is natural sounding and easy to understand.

What is the Radio Seek feature?

Since hotel guests may not be familiar with local radio stations, this feature allows them to easily access the next available station in the area with the simple touch of a button. This feature works like the Seek feature included on many automobile sound systems.

Will the dock accommodate future Apple devices if the connection configuration changes?

The CR1003 dock will accommodate a 30 pin connection. If Apple changes the connection port on their devices in the future, a retrofit adapter will be required to connect to any existing accessory equipped with a 30 pin connection. The CR1003 does come equipped with a USB port to power non-30 pin mobile devices, as well as an auxiliary audio jack to play music through the unit’s speakers.

How does the Battery Back-Up work?

In the event of power failure, the CR1003 will automatically switch to a battery stand-by circuit when batteries are installed. Under battery operation, the clock will keep the time and alarm settings running. If set, the alarm will sound. All other functions will be turned off, (ie. Radio). The clock display will not light in order to save battery energy. When the Low Battery Indicator in the display is lit, batteries should be replaced to ensure proper function of the Battery Back-Up.

What is the White Noise feature?

With the touch of a button, the Sunbeam® Elite CR1003 provides a steady and soothing background sound that is designed to help guests fall asleep quicker and sleep longer. Some will prefer to have it play all the time as a general relaxation aid or to mask other external noises. The White Noise volume level can be set by the guest.

Will an iPhone®/iPod® charge when it is docked?

Yes, a device will automatically charge when attached to the CR1003 iPod® dock.

Does the dock accommodate all versions of iPhone®/iPod®?

Yes, the dock will accommodate all iPhones® and iPods® currently available in the marketplace. All iPhone®/iPod® devices to date (August, 2012) and the CR1003 dock use a 30 pin connection. The wheel adjacent to the dock can be used to adjust for varying product depths. In some cases, it may be necessary to remove the device from a safety case, (depending on case design) to achieve proper connection.

Is an iPad® or Android device compatible with the Sunbeam® Elite clock radio?

Other devices including iPad®, Android and a large assortment of other devices can be played using the auxiliary audio jack. Devices will not charge when attached via the auxiliary jack.

What is Voice Instruction and Confirmation?

The Sunbeam® Elite CR1003 is designed with an innovative Voice feature to make it easier to use. Voice Instruction walks a guest through the most commonly used function – setting the alarm. For example, when the Alarm Set button is pressed, a voice says “To set alarm time, adjust set wheel, then press enter”. The Voice Instruction guides the guest through all the alarm functions (alarm time, alarm sound, alarm on/off) as well as the Nap feature. In addition, Voice Confirmation reinforces what has been chosen, “The Alarm is set to 7:00 a.m.” giving the guest confidence that the Alarm is set just the way they want it.

What is the NAP feature and how is it different that the regular alarm?

The NAP feature is a timer that can easily be set to allow the guest a quick recharge. Unlike the regular clock radio alarm which is set for a specific time, the NAP alarm is set for a specific amount of hours and minutes. For example the guest could set a 1 hour NAP or 30 minute NAP time.

What is Daily Alarm Reset and why is it important?

The CR1003 features an automatic Daily Alarm Reset. This feature prevents the alarm from sounding the next day unless it is turned on again by the guests which means that they will never be awakened by a previous guest’s alarm.

Why won’t an iPad® fit onto the docking port?

Through intelligent design, the CR1003 dock (and surrounding recessed area) does NOT accommodate an iPad®. Overall size and weight of an iPad® requires a larger, sturdier base structure to provide ample support to prevent tipping. iPad® connection via the auxiliary jack allows the iPad® to lie on a flat surface, eliminating the potential for damage.